New Ku band service over Libya

Ku band satellite service LibyaTelstream Telecoms is pleased to announce the start of its Ku Band satellite service over Libya. The service will utilise the IS901 Satellite’s Middle East Ku Band capability and land at a teleport in the Middle East, allowing for country wide Libyan coverage.


Countries covered by the new service include Libya, Egypt, parts of Sudan, Chad and Niger, bringing affordable communications to businesses and organisations in the region.


All hardware is readily available for quick shipment – we offer the service on both the iDirect Evolution and infiniti platforms.






Ku band


Libya, Egypt, parts of Sudan, Chad and Niger, as well as the Middle East


IS901 satellite footprint

Services offered



iDirect Evolution and iDirect Inifiniti

Hardware requirements


  • Satellite router

iDirect X3 or iDirect 3100

  • Antenna

1.2m or 1.8m

  • BUC

3W (subject to link budget)

  • LNB

 DRO LNB – Low band

We do offer C Band coverage over the region on satellites NSS10, NSS12, W2A and Amos 5.